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A PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) is a comprehensive health screening tool. It assesses your readiness for physical activity by gathering information about your medical history, current health status, and any potential risks or limitations. Ensure safety and optimize your fitness journey with a PARQ assessment.



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Fitness Assessment Preparation

Complete the Fitness Assessment Preparation, by having a measuring tape, body composition tools, and a recording device ready. Take measurements like height, weight, and body circumference. Perform physical activities as directed, recording results accurately. Ensure a thorough assessment for optimal fitness tracking and progress evaluation.



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Fitness Assessment

Our online Fitness Assessment empowers you to evaluate your progress independently. Utilize the information gathered during the fitness preparation to complete the assessment accurately. Measure your physical abilities, track body composition, and record results. Gain valuable insights into your fitness journey from the convenience of your own home.



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Exercise Library

Access our extensive exercise library on our Fitness App, featuring a wide range of workouts and routines. From strength training to cardio and flexibility exercises, find the perfect exercises to suit your fitness level and goals.



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Food Library

On our Fitness App explore our comprehensive food library, curated with nutritious recipes, meal plans, and dietary tips. Discover a variety of wholesome options, dietary guidelines, and cooking inspiration to support your health and well-being. Enjoy delicious meals that nourish your body and promote a balanced lifestyle.



Frequently Asked Questions

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A fitness assessment is an evaluation of your current fitness level, including strength, endurance, flexibility, and body composition. It helps create personalized fitness goals, track progress, and design tailored workout plans.

Our fitness guides and books are available for download on our Shop website You can choose the desired format, such as PDF or e-book, and follow the instructions to access them.

Yes, the exercise and nutrition library is available to all our members. You can find a wide range of resources, including exercise demonstrations, workout plans, healthy recipes, and nutrition tips.

Yes, our resources cater to various fitness levels, from beginners to advanced. We provide modifications and progressions to ensure that everyone can benefit regardless of their current fitness level.

Absolutely! Our resources are designed to complement and enhance your existing routine or plan. You can incorporate the provided information and tips to optimize your fitness and health journey.

We regularly update our library with new resources to keep up with the latest fitness trends, research, and industry developments. Check back frequently to access fresh content.

Yes, you can access the resources on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Simply log in to your account from the device of your choice.

Once you become a member, there are no additional costs to access the online resources. All resources are included in your membership benefits. Some resources on this page are completely free to everyone. 

If you need support or have questions about our online resources, feel free to reach out to our customer support team. You can contact us via email or through our designated support channels for prompt assistance.

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